How To Pin Your Pashmina Hijab

Remember your pashmina shawl with a beautiful brooch.
Although used by women, especially in winter, pashmina shawl is the perfect accessory for any clothes and fashionable when worn in different styles and types. Women can pin their dresses in different styles are very comfortable and prevent them from embarrassment caused by her slipping off the shoulder with a brooch embellishment. Through the use of brooches, you will not see assemble, but drape it with style. That's the magic of this shawl pin. Would you like a poncho or wrap want to wear other styles, you can take in any way creative. The truth is that it does not only make you look beautiful and elegant, but it also adds volume to the style and sophistication.

You know how to pin a scarf in the style of the veil? It is fairly easy to follow. You must first underscarf wear on your head, so as to cover the neck. Now you need to put your scarf on the head, but be sure to end longer than the other. Now you must use your bros. You have to underscarf PIN you put on your head. Notice on either side of the head just near the area where your eyebrows end. Gently pull the top back under the chin. Wrap one end around your head and secure with the same pen. It was a tremendous style.

Let us see how. A scarf in some other beautiful things Pin to give different looks for different occasions It's a bit similar to the previous method. First, you put your scarf on the head, while a longer end of the scarf as the others. Bind the two ends at the bottom of the neck.

Now, slowly rotate the end of a long scarf from his head to the other side and just tie both ends. With a pin to hold the ends securely. Here you are willing to take a spell and all, whether to throw special family celebrations and other events.

During the summer, women's cloths draped over their shoulders over any strappy summer dress and look sensational. The only thing is to pin a scarf looks stylish and safe to use the end of the scarf. If you go to the pool or the beach, you can have the same style and pin cover over tight dress and confident. If the weather is cold outside, you can wrap around your neck to protect against the cold wind and keep in touch with a needle or pin fixed. However, if you are in your home or room, you can be relaxed drape your scarf.

If you are tall, a scarf get 36 to 80 centimeters long. Do you use your scarf as a headdress or a belt, the decision is yours. Be creative and try different ways to fix it on the spot.
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Tutorial Hijab Pashmina 2013

I came up with the concept of beauty blog because I ... soo many interests in fashion and beauty, that I thought I needed an outlet to have them made and hopefully touching people with the same attitude and passion. I'm not big something special, but I'm only me happy :) In this blog I would hope, tips and ideas about beauty and fashion and especially for hijabis shares. I'm going about things that I wear, and would look good to write to me, what I buy and I have tried, and what I buy, and my view of you out there. Please note that this blog is on Beauty category .. not the religion category. 

I hope to enjoy, you'll I had not expected that I would get so much response to my previous tutorial hijab. Thank you guys for watching. and I have received so many messages from friends and a few people asked me to do Hijab tutorial for beginners, because some of them are first time starters Try wearing hijab. So finally I have a simple basic tutorial pashmina shawl. This is great because even if you live in most of the hijab deficiency on this earth, you can still find pashmina that can be mounted upside down. It is very simple and easy, but it can be for any occasion and to wear! I use in this video chiffon material because it is very easy to make, and I also liked the size. You can still other materials such as cotton, cashmere or silk. So I hope this video will be beginners who are trying to help are set on a stylish hijab :)
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In The Name of Narcism

November, 22th 2012

A nothing to do day with Iam. Hahahaha 
Its been a long long time since i went to photo studio with no special occasion. So here's the picture, :3 

Extra love this part ! :* :* :*

By the way, its at roemahfoto. Feel free to go there, the people are so nice ! :))
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Best Friend's Graduation

November, 21th 2012 

My cute bestfriend, Rengganis Siti Anisa was finally graduated ! As a very good yet cute friend, no way i would missed her important day. hihi

Since before i was accompanied my mom making her driving license and met Yopi there, i went to Ganis graduation day with him. We're high school friend you know :3

We met so many friends there, Reggy, Rubi, Eka, Costa, Shelly...woaaah, Sukabumi is really is a small city ! haha

Since it was raining and Ganis wanna go to a photo studio, we immadiately left Secapa and went to Imaji. It was so crowded even the road became stuck. 

We took some photo in front of Imaji, a finest photo studio in Sukabumi. But since ganis's turn still some hourse later, i couldn't took a picture with her inside. Got somewhere to go. :(

Before going home i went to Pecel Lele Lela with Yopi, and guess what? I met Ajeng ! My elementary friend  ! hihihihi

So congratulation to all of you. Now, we face a real world. Be Strong !:D
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Hijab Class by Hijabers Sukabumi

November, 18th 2012

So here comes the big day. All those preparation and hard work paid off today. From 62 muslimah girls who applied, 40 of it gathered in SD CBM Suryakencana that day. The rest could make it due to their personal reasom. But Alhamdulillah, its beyond our expectation. 

The class planned to start at 8 am but it really started around 10 am. Some girls were late so we had to postpone it from the plan we made. We began the class with Introduction. Our us, who we are, whats our vision and mision and to what and where we spent their registration money. As a treasurer, i talked to them my self about their money because i want them to know that we're really a non-profit organization.

After that we began the hijab class. Though the theme was "One minute Hijab Style" and we only provide 3 different style, they need a lot of time to master it. Lots of talking and giggling ! :p

A sandra - a volunteer photographer

Hope the picture could tell how the class was. By the way, it started to rain when we held a quiz. The quiz was, how to make a syar'i, tidy and pretty hijab. The girls was so creative til its hard for us to decided who's the winner !

SD CBM Suryakencana

We got a lot of sponsor for this event, we had 4 hijab from Bumi Geulis Hijab , 2 clothes and 1 hijab from Yrumi Store , lots of cute brooch from House of Rayya  , Teh Ines for the yummy rainbow cake, 2 hijab & accessories, brownies from Brownies Syahira ,  vegie pudding from Puding Sayur Cerian and  3 hijab from my small line named Sister Closet. Another thanks we sent to Radar Sukabumi  for writing about our event and Dua5 Photography for the documentation. 

The commitee

All of us

The article

So happy that the event run well. We met a lot of new friends here. hihihi Cant wait til the event yay ! :*
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